Mediumship Readings


I can connect with your crossed over loved ones through a Mediumship Reading to bring love and healing.


A channeled email reading makes a unique and beautiful gift for any special occasion.


60-90 minutes - $125, in person/phone/Facetime/Skype


Channeled email reading - 1 connection for $30

Psychic / Angelic Readings


I can connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels to give you clarity & support through a Psychic Reading.


60-90 minutes - $125

in person/phone/Facetime/Skype


30 minute Reiki session with 30 minute psychic reading = $90


email - 1 question for $30

Angel Card Readings**

**via email


This is a great way to continue to use the reading as a tool for further validation and growth. I can use different spreads for various areas of your life or can customize a spread based on your needs.


3 cards for $15, 6 cards for $30, 10-12 cards for $50


For a listing of specific spreads I offer, click HERE! I can also customize any spread to meet your specific needs.

Angel Card Readings*

*In person or via phone / Facetime / Skype


Receive validation, clarity, and guidance for your life path or specific concern. For a list of reading ideas, please mail me.


60 minutes - $90


For a listing of specific spreads I offer, click HERE! I can also customize any spread to meet your specific needs.

Monthly Card Reading Subscriptions

**via email


Get continual readings and use them as a tool to embrace your journey and enhance your life.


Weekly 1-Card Readings or Monthly 3-Card Readings: 1 year for $120


Weekly 1-Card Readings AND Monthly 2-Card Readings: 1 year for $180

Divine Therapy: Spiritual Counseling & Reiki Healing


As your Spiritual Counselor, I guide you through gentle therapy & conversation with the Divine to empower learning and growth. Take charge and know that you can manifest the best life possible! Individuals or couples. Also includes a short hands-on healing and any messages from Spirit that I receive.


Initial or individual session = $90.


Follow-up fees based on number of scheduled visits: Monthly = $75/follow-up session, Twice a month = $50/follow-up session


20% off any other reading, service, or class during a paid month.


In person or via phone/Facetime/Skype

Reiki Healing Sessions


As a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master/Teacher, I can help you move through current life challenges and into a more peaceful state of being. Reiki is a light touch energy therapy that will bring you into deeper awareness and understanding for healing - body, mind, and soul. You may feel a sense of relaxation and peace, or you may experience intense emotions and even physical sensations. Session includes messages from Spirit that may come through.


30 minutes for $50, 30 minute Reiki session with 30 minute psychic reading = $90


Distance Reiki is available for $50. I do a full session as I would if you were here with me in person. You receive an email of any Divine messages I receive.

Home Parties & Special Events


You and your guests receive private card readings or a group-style psychic medium gallery.


$30 / person or $35 / person if over 10 miles from my home. Minimum of 6 guests, maximum of 10. *Travel fee may be added for parties over 20 miles from my home.


Wellness for the Soul - Pamper your guests with a personal retreat that includes a guided meditation, individual hands-on energy therapy, and more! Get a gallery reading, learn how to increase your intuition, learn how to give personal card readings and also receive readings, understand and learn how to work with your chakras, connect with your Angels or your Spirit Guides...the possibilities are endless! We can personalize your retreat to create an event your guests will remember and thank you for.


In your home: 6 guests, 3-4 hours
In my home: 3-5 guests, 2-4 hours

*Travel fee may be added for parties over 20 miles from my home.


I am also available for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. $125 / hour plus travel, minimum 3 hours. Inquire for more information.

*down payment required

Ordained Minister


I am also an Ordained Minister and can officiate your wedding or handfasting ceremony. I can also perform your baby naming ceremony or baptism, house or office blessing, and many other ceremonial rituals. Initial consultation is free.


Starting at $250.

*down payment required

Enlightened Divine Paranormal


What makes us unique is our ability to see, hear, and feel spirit. We work within the Light of the Divine with positive, compassionate, and healing energy so you can live in harmony and peace.


Price negotiable after initial phone consultation.

Past Life Retrievals


During a Past Life Retrieval, I use energy therapy, crystals, and messages from Spirit to guide you through a deep meditation that brings you into past life awareness. Connecting with past lives can give you clarity on issues you have carried over from a past lifetime, helping you understand your current life better. We will use various tools to bring closure so this past energy can no longer affect your current journey.


60-90 minutes - $125

in person/phone/Facetime/Skype


email - 1 past life for $30

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