Services & Classes

Mediumship Readings


I can help connect you with your crossed over loved ones through a Psychic or Mediumship Reading.


30 minutes for $65, 60 minutes for $125

email - 1 person for $30

Psychic Life Path Readings


I can connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels to give you clarity & support through a Psychic Reading.


30 minutes for $65, 60 minutes for $125

email - 3 questions for $30

Past Life Retrievals


I can help you bring a past life into awareness to initiate healing for your current & future lives.


30 minutes for $65, 60 minutes for $125

email - 1 past life for $30

Angel Card Readings*

*In person or via phone / Facetime / Skype


Receive validation, clarity, and guidance for your life path or specific concern.


30 minutes for $65, 60 minutes for $125

Angel Card Readings**

**via email


This is a great way to continue to use the reading as a tool for further validation and growth.


3 cards for $20, 6 cards for $40, 10 cards for $60

Monthly Card Reading Subscriptions

**via email


Weekly 1-Card Readings or Monthly 3-Card Readings: 1 year for $125, 1 month for $20


Weekly 1-Card Readings AND Monthly 3-Card Readings: 1 year for $195, 1 month for $30


Monthly 6-Card Readings: 12 months for $235, 1 month for $40


Weekly 1-Card Readings AND Monthly 5-Card Readings: 1 year for $295, 1 month for $50

Monthly Howl at the Moon Subscriptions

**via email


4 monthly cards on the first day of each of the Moon's main phases. Use this awesome Lunar energy to guide you!

1-Month for $30, 1 Year for $250

Reiki Energy Session


Reiki is a light touch energy therapy that will bring you into deeper awareness and understanding for healing - body, mind, and soul. You may feel a sense of relaxation and peace, or you may experience intense emotions and even physical sensations. Session includes messages from Spirit that may come through.


30 minutes for $65, 60 minutes for $125


Distance Reiki is available for $65. I do a full session as I would if you were here with me in person. You receive an email of any Divine messages I receive.


Home Parties & Special Events


You and your guests receive private card readings or a group-style psychic medium gallery.


$30 / person or a group minimum of $200, maximum 10 guests. A travel fee will be added to parties over 20 miles from my home in Storrs CT.


I am also available for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. $125 / hour plus travel, minimum 3 hours. Inquire for more information.

Dream Board Workshop


My workshop is more than just cutting pictures out! A Dream Board is a tool that is used to help clarify intent and maintain focus on a specific life goal or goals. Also known as a Vision Board, it is a board you create out of images and words that represent whatever you want to manifest in your life. How is my workshop different? I use a variety of spiritual practices and modalities to create an even higher energy vibration, ramping up the manifestation process. Meditation, feng shui, crystals, Angel Cards, and even messages from Spirit are used to guide you through creating and using your board as a daily tool to manifest your dreams! I can come to you or you can all come to my office in Suffield, CT. A great team-building event!


$125 / hour plus travel (if applicable), minimum 3 hours.

Learn How to Read Oracle & Tarot Cards


Through trusting messages from the Divine, you can give yourself and others validation, clarity, and guidance.


Oracle Card Class - $100, or a group of 3 or more $80 / person. Learn about oracle cards and how daily use can make your journey that much easier. This class comes with a deck of angel oracle cards for you to take home, but you will use others decks during the class.


Angel Tarot - $150, or a group of 3 or more $125 / person. Understand tarot and learn how to give yourself and others personal readings. Learn how to read and create large spreads; use multiple decks to receive more in-depth readings; do specialized readings for relationships, career, life purpose, and health; build your reading career. This class comes with a deck of angel tarot cards.

I AM Ready! Personal & Spiritual Growth Program

Intention + Active Manifestation = I AM


Are you ready to commit to spiritual growth?

Are you ready to manifest inner peace?

Great intimate love? Supportive Relationships?

Unlimited creativity? Unimaginable abundance?

Are you ready to commit to manifesting your best self?

A better life? Your dream job or career?

Optimal physical & mental health?

Financial security?


Give me 3 months, 6 months, 12 months - heck, give me 1 month! - and I will lead you on a journey to unexpected places, removing fears and expectations, and help you create magic within yourself and your life!

I will help you create positive intentions!

I will guide you through actively manifesting those intentions!


I will lead you to I AM!


At the beginning of every month, you will receive a personalized energy reading, healing, and intention activation in person or distance via phone/Facetime/Skype!


In the middle of the month, you will receive a quick distance energy balancing!


You will receive weekly check-in emails so I can see what action you've been taking, what lessons you've learned, and if you've been doing your homework!


You will also receive a bottle of my own I AM Ready! essential oil blend!


You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience

the magic of the Divine!


This is valued at over $200 a month!


Commit to a 12-month program, valued at over $2400, for just $777!

A 6-month program, valued at over $1200, is just $444!

A 3-month program, valued at over $600, is just $222!


Can't decide if this is right for you?

I'll give you a 1-month trial, valued at over $200, for just $111!


Upgrade at any time!

Payment plan options are available!


So...what are you waiting for??


Get ready to become


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