August Energy Reading

What message do you need to hear as we enter into August?


Focus on the 3 cards below from *Wisdom of the Oracle Cards*, choose the one that speaks to your heart, and then scroll down on the page for your reveal!



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Here & Now

You are asked to live in the present moment in August. Release attachments to the past and worries about the future so you can experience right now. You can then more clearly see how you can choose your experiences, and choose them as either chaos or joy.

Clean It Up

You are asked to clean up your act in August. Detox and release anything (and anyone!) that is no longer healthy for you — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Clean up your diet, your physical body, your environment, your thoughts and actions, and old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that are doing more harm than good.


Your theme for August is peace. Peace is guaranteed as long as you choose that for yourself. Remove yourself from the drama of others and certainly don’t create drama! Spend a few moments daily in quiet meditation or prayer and take a deep breath before responding to triggers.

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