February Energy Reading

What message do you need to hear this month?


Focus on the 3 cards below from *The Good Tarot* by Colette Baron-Reid, choose the one that speaks to your heart, and then scroll down on the page for your reveal!

2 of Air

This is a card of uncertainty. It's time to consider options available to you in order to move you forward. But there's no need to rush. Stay balanced so you can think clearly and the right path will soon become clear.

4 of Air

This is a card of peace of mind and stability. It's time to heal old ways of thinking that don't serve you and take a break from all the drama, around and within you. Choose joy and self-care instead.


This is a card of victory! Challenges are ending or are finally over and all you've been working towards is manifesting. Move forward with gratitude for lessons learned and continue to shine your authenticity and experience personal growth.

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