Reiki Certification


Are you interested in learning Reiki? I am available to teach and certify you in all levels: I, II, III & Master/Teacher.


$125 per level. Manuals included. For classes of 3 or more - $100 per student.

Learn How to Read Oracle & Tarot Cards


Through trusting messages from the Divine, you can give yourself and others validation, clarity, and guidance.


Oracle Card Class - $100, or a group of 3 or more $80 / person. Learn about oracle cards and how daily use can make your journey that much easier. This class comes with a deck of angel oracle cards for you to take home, but you will use others decks during the class.


Angel Tarot - $150, or a group of 3 or more $125 / person. Understand tarot and learn how to give yourself and others personal readings. Learn how to read and create large spreads; use multiple decks to receive more in-depth readings; do specialized readings for relationships, career, life purpose, and health; build your reading career. This class comes with a deck of angel tarot cards.

I AM Ready!

Spiritual & Intuition Development


Intention + Active Manifestation = I AM


Are you ready to commit to spiritual growth? Are you ready to manifest inner peace? Great intimate love? Supportive Relationships? Unlimited creativity? Unimaginable abundance? Are you ready to commit to manifesting your best self? A better life? Your dream job or career? Optimal physical & mental health? Financial security? I will lead you on a journey to unexpected places, removing fears and expectations, and help you create magic within yourself and your life! I will help you create positive intentions! I will guide you through actively manifesting those intentions! I will lead you to I AM!


Course is structured around your schedule - in person, on the phone, via email! $50/month plus 20% off any other add-on class, energy therapy session, or card/psychic/mediumship reading!


So...what are you waiting for?? Get ready to become I AM!

Dream Board Workshop


My workshop is more than just cutting pictures out! A Dream Board is a tool that is used to help clarify intent and maintain focus on a specific life goal or goals. Also known as a Vision Board, it is a board you create out of images and words that represent whatever you want to manifest in your life. How is my workshop different? I use a variety of spiritual practices and modalities to create an even higher energy vibration, ramping up the manifestation process. Meditation, feng shui, crystals, Angel Cards, and even messages from Spirit are used to guide you through creating and using your board as a daily tool to manifest your dreams! A great team-building event!


$125 / hour plus travel (if applicable), minimum 3 hours.

*down payment required

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