What Does Christmas Mean to Me?


Christmas, to me, isn't just about religion.


There is more to Christmas than the Christian’s celebration of the birth of Jesus (which some say was not even in December). There is certainly more to Christmas than shopping, trees and lights, family squabbles, and an abundant feast. There is so much more to Christmas that you don’t have to be Christian to celebrate.


Christmas occurs right after the Winter Solstice, which falls in line with Jesus’ teachings of awakening to love, awakening to our true purpose, awakening to enlightenment. This indeed deserves to be celebrated. In fact, Christmas falls 3 days after the Winter Solstice – 3, the number of days after his crucifixion that Jesus rose again, was reborn into his spiritual body where he will live for eternity. We, too, can use this energy to rise again, be reborn with greater awareness to our own spiritual bodies that will exist for eternity.


Use this time to celebrate life, not just the life you have created, but the fact that you were created and are a miracle of the Divine. When you can see and celebrate this in yourself, you can see and celebrate this in everyone.


And this? This is the true meaning of Christmas. So no matter what religion you practice, no matter what label you wear or no matter if you wear any label at all, Merry Christmas. I celebrate the Christmas that lives in all of you, all of us, for eternity.

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Love. It begins our journey, it ends our journey, and is the foundation for everything we encounter along the way. After all, love is the only thing that is eternal. It is all we need to gain the peace we were all created to experience.


Love will take away the need for forgiveness. Love will conquer negative thoughts such as anger, depression, fear, and jealousy. Love will give us the quiet strength to calm our minds, fill our souls, and help us live a peaceful life. Love will change hope into knowing.


It really is that simple...

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