For too long I struggled to find my voice, struggled to even realize I had a voice. I have grown into this person in this moment where I will no longer allow anyone else to speak for me.

Traumatic experiences can either break you down into nothing or inspire you to become someone better. Best case, it does both.

We all carry burdens with us that we've buried deeper and deeper, sometimes maybe even forgetting if those experiences were real or imagined. But at some point we cannot bury them any further and they begin to slowly make their way back to the surface.

We get reminded of our inner demons thought exercised long ago as they reappear for a new ritual of communion.

These experiences are about love. Those we've buried and those that get revealed. We search for the kind of love we'd lost, feeling lost and abandoned time and time again, only to end up with the kind of love we thought we deserved.

I have stopped making apologies to myself for who I used to be and who I've now become. I needed this painful journey to get to a place of Divine love and clarity, to get to this feeling of wanting - no needing - to right a wrong. To bring light to the dark. To finally put closure to karmic energy that has threatened not just me but my family for generations.

The ache, the longing. I ask forgiveness for many who came before me. I ask forgiveness for repeating the same pains. I am stronger now, stronger than all of them, strong enough to accept responsibility for all of it and all of us. All of us worthy of love and forgiveness.

It is in our lowest moments that we find the highest pieces of ourselves if we allow growth and learning to outweigh our fear and our anger.

I am a new person, with new thoughts, ideas, and actions. And a voice. A voice with the ability to transform the past in new, miraculous ways.

I am no longer afraid of my emotions. I feel them with intensity, with all colors and all forms of light. These emotions are me, they are the depth and the breath of who I am. I honor them and embrace them wholly, fully, completely. And those emotions I know now are what has kept me tied to my destiny.

I didn't realize what I'd been waiting for, how long I'd been waiting, how long I'd been clenching my teeth, holding my breath, until the moment I was finally allowed to exhale.

This. My heart out on my sleeve. Because it is the very essence of my being. No more hiding from myself. I'm still running, but this time not away from anything but toward everything.

I know now what I've been searching for, why I never gave up, why I kept climbing higher and higher. What an amazing view up here on top of the world.

What are you hiding? What have you been running from? Are you ready to own it? Are you ready to step fully into your Divine life of passion and purpose? Or are you going to continue to keep it buried forever?

The choice is yours. Choose love.

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Love. It begins our journey, it ends our journey, and is the foundation for everything we encounter along the way. After all, love is the only thing that is eternal. It is all we need to gain the peace we were all created to experience.


Love will take away the need for forgiveness. Love will conquer negative thoughts such as anger, depression, fear, and jealousy. Love will give us the quiet strength to calm our minds, fill our souls, and help us live a peaceful life. Love will change hope into knowing.


It really is that simple...

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