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Regaining Your Life By Releasing the Chaos


I can't tell you how many people I know seem to be "going through something" right now. Most of them can't think of a reason for it or put a label on it. Well, I believe I can.


The energy of the world is changing at a rapid pace. If we don't figure out how to deal with the chaos, we aren't going to feel any better, or get wherever it is we think we're going any faster.


How much clutter do you have in your life? If you get rid of the physical clutter, the emotional clutter will begin to go away as well. It doesn't need to be a daunting task or happen all in one day. But the sooner you start to de-clutter, the sooner your life will feel lighter. The sooner you start, the sooner you will find the peace of mind that's been eluding you.

Is your desk at work messy and disorganized? Go through each item and ask what its value is. Can you file it away, give it away to someone who may have a need for it, or can you throw it away altogether? Get a new pencil cup, weed out your filing cabinet, clean up the dust bunnies behind your computer monitor.


Go through your emails. Delete some, organize the rest. I for one get easily stressed out by an inbox full of emails even if most of them are junk, let alone can I stand that awful number telling me I have so many unread. An empty inbox is my idea of cyber serenity.


Has your office at home become a catch-all? Find the perfect basket or rack to store the magazines you haven't gone through yet. Throw out last decade's cancelled checks and pay stubs. Get new shelving to organize the pile of books you've been meaning to read. Think about donating older books you said you'd never part with to the library book sale. Does your value increase by the amount of books you have? I used to think so, or at least think something like this. The more I got rid of, the less lonely I made my life by beginning to enjoy my own company, and I was able to let go of some of my security blankets, the largest being a big chunk of my collection of books.


Walk through all the rooms in your house. Open drawers and closets. Really see each item you come across. Does it give your life value, increase your self-worth? Can you let it go, give it to someone who could benefit from it? Has it served its purpose? You've accumulated countless knick-knacks over the years. Get boxes and start taking them down, offering them to family members or wrapping them up to store for that tag sale you've been thinking of having. Or maybe just take them to the dump and get rid of them.


Is your closet filled with clothes in three different sizes? Bag up everything you'll never wear again and bring it all to Goodwill. Get plastic totes to store the size you know you'll get back into one day and bring them to the attic. Promise yourself you'll donate those too if you aren't into them in a year. While in the attic you notice all the holiday lights you've kept even though they don't work. Bring them to your garbage bins in the garage. You'll notice what a mess your garage is. Order a dumpster to be delivered for the weekend, or commit to filling one trash bag a week until you've cleaned up and organized. The list can go on and on.


After you've uncluttered your "stuff", ask yourself if your life is cluttered. Have you over-extended yourself, your spouse, even your children? Make a list of what you do, what you have committed to - every club, committee, sons and daughter's sports and activities, book club, etc. Ask yourself the same questions - are they of value? Do I need them for my own self-worth? Are they making a difference in my life or the life of others? Or are they affecting my relationships with my spouse, my children, my family and friends? Ask your spouse and children to ask themselves the same questions. You don't have to let go of everything, or even anything. But if something feels too heavy, lighten your load. If something is adding stress to your life instead of helping, creating more bad than good, then release it. It is ok to let go of something that no longer has meaning in your life. What are you willing to give up in order to gain peace of mind?


Reevaluate the people in your life. Maybe it's not so easy to be around certain friends anymore. Maybe you realize how negative they can be or how the world is constantly against them. Each phone call starts to get shorter. Maybe a relationship isn't easy anymore. Maybe you decide you can no longer stay in any relationship, platonic or romantic, that just isn't satisfying.


You've always had so many friends and something to do every night on the weekends, and now maybe none of that is appealing anymore. Maybe you would rather be alone for a little while or more often, doing things you like to do, or finding out new things you didn't even know about yourself. Let go of someone whose time has come and gone. Egos are drawn to one another, whether in love or in pain. Once you begin to de-clutter, you will begin losing interest in the egos that no longer walk the same path you do. Keeping them in your life has only caused some of the chaos you're trying to eliminate. Sometimes people aren't meant to stay in our lives and we aren't meant to stay in theirs. They were in our life to teach us a lesson or we were in theirs to teach them. We all served our purpose, played our part, and the time has come to let go. And that's ok.


Once you start to de-clutter your physical stuff and the people who no longer serve a purpose in your life, you will realize how light you feel, how simple life has become. The more you simplify your life, the more you start to simplify your thoughts. You've probably gotten rid of all the stuff that filled your chaotic thoughts in the first place. The more you start to simplify your thoughts, you will notice how much more you really have - more love to give yourself and others who do give meaning to your life; more time to spend on things that enrich your life instead of just bog it down.


What you once thought would be boring is now what you look forward to. You realize life isn't about how many friends you have or how many material possessions you've acquired. It's not about running around, always being busy, always going and doing. You realize life is about being happy, creating love, having peace. And you realize that by getting rid of all the excess, you suddenly have more, much more, than you ever imagined.

When Love Wins: Our Journey to Peace


Love. It begins our journey, it ends our journey, and is the foundation for everything we encounter along the way. After all, love is the only thing that is eternal. It is all we need to gain the peace we were all created to experience.


Love will take away the need for forgiveness. Love will conquer negative thoughts such as anger, depression, fear, and jealousy. Love will give us the quiet strength to calm our minds, fill our souls, and help us live a peaceful life. Love will change hope into knowing.


It really is that simple...


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